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2017 Neptunes Swim Team

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(our Newington Forest Swim Team):

* The Newington Forest Neptunes Swim Team is a fun summer team, and also a competitive swim team.

* The Swim Team is comprised strictly of homeowners and renters of the Newington Forest Community Association. This is unique within NVSL (Northern Virginia Swim League), and provides a great opportunity to create a closeknit swim team. Our swimmers are neighbors and classmates.

* Team practices are not intended or appropriate as learn-to-swim lessons.

* We do offer separate learn-to-swim lessons in our MINI Neptunes program, and many MINI swimmers have graduated to the Neptunes swim team.

* The minimum swimming skill to qualify for the Neptunes swim team, is the ability to swim one length of a 25 meter pool unassisted, using any stroke.

* The team teaches swimmers the strokes and techniques required at swim meets, yet for safety issues you MUST know how to swim before joining the team.

* While stroke development and teaching are very important aspects of what our coaches do, it is not reasonable to expect them to be teaching each swimmer one-on-one every day. Coaches do their best to give personal attention and coaching as much as possible.

* Coaches hold evaluations at the start of each season and swimmer placement is at their discretion.

* Swimmers on the team are expected to participate in swim meets, but because this is a summer activity, absences for family vacations and the like are expected. But to be competitive, it is helpful to limit long absences until the season is over at the end of July. Should swimmers miss practices, please notify the coaches with as much advance notice as possible.

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