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Volunteer positions

The following information will describe all of the volunteer positions needed to be filled for a swim meet; home and away meets. Some positions are pre-assigned prior to the beginning of the season. It takes at least 25 volunteers to run a meet.  The team requires a $150 deposit volunteer fee.  Volunteering is determined in time.  We currently require 15 hours/points of service.  After this is completed, the volunteer fee is returned to you, by check, or released from the "hold" if you payed online.  This is really the least number of hours we need from each family in order to fill the required positions for the meet.  We fully appreciate your time and dedication to this labor intensive sport.

Deck Officials:

  • Team Representative (Rep) - Only one person from each team shall be designated as the Team Representative on the firm entry list. In team meets, the designated Team Representative from the host team shall be the Meet Manager. The designated Team Representative(s) from the visiting team(s) shall be the Assistant Meet Manager(s). These Team Representative(s) shall not serve in any other capacity during team meets. Teams are encouraged to have an Assistant Team Rep to assist at A meets and should run B meets.
  • Referee & Chief Judge - The Referee of the meet shall be the final authority for the conduct of competition. The Referee's principal function is to ensure that the meet is properly conducted, the rules are properly enforced, and, to the maximum extent possible, that the swimmers have uniformly fair competitive conditions. To do this, the Referee, above all, must know and understand the rules! The Referee must have copies of the applicable rulebooks available at the meet. Referee's have to be certified starters and stroke and turn judges prior to becoming a trained referee. This is trained position that is free and a mentored position for new judges.
  • Starter - The Starter is, undoubtedly, one of the most important officials on the deck. The Starter is the only official who is in direct contact with the swimmers in such a manner that his/her actions can clearly affect the swimmer's performance. Accordingly, this is a position that cannot be taken casually. It must be constantly practiced and, whenever possible, improved. This is trained position that is free and a mentored position for new judges.
  • Stroke & Turn Judge - ensures that the rules relating to the style of swimming designated for the event are being observed and ensures that, when turning or finishing, the swimmer complies with the turning and finishing rules applicable to the stroke used. Like the Referee, the authority of Stroke Judges and Turn Judges to recommend a disqualification of a competitor make these positions particularly important. This is trained position that is free and a mentored position for new judges.
  • Chief Timer - The Chief Timer shall collect all time cards, check them for accuracy, and deliver the cards to the Place Recorder. The Chief Timer works the Referee to coordinate all lane timers. At away meets, the visiting team provides an assistant chief timer.
  • Clerk of the Course - The Clerk of Course and Assistant Clerk of Course, provided by the visiting team, each play an important part in ensuring a well-run meet. They are responsible for assembling the swimmers in Clerk of Course designated area in accordance with the order of events; holding the swimmers ready on the deck, instructing the swimmers to wait behind or adjacent to the starting position until the Starter takes control of the race, and reporting to the Referee and Scorer the number of swimmers checked in but failing to report for each event. While the Clerk of Course cannot speed up a meet, failure to provide a smooth, timely flow of swimmers can surely slow it down.

Deck Positions:

  • Timers - Timers shall report their watch times to the Head Lane Timer and, if requested, shall present their watches for inspection. They shall not clear their watches until the command to "clear watches" is given, or the Referee signals that the next heat or event is ready to start. A team has to provide nine timers. Shifts can be split.
  • Marshal - The role of the Marshal is significant at any meet. The exercise of polite, but firm, authority greatly assists in the maintenance of proper competitor and spectator decorum. This individual is specifically responsible for closely observing warm-up procedures and maintaining order in the swimming venue. To do this, he/she has full authority to: 1) warn or ask any individual to cease and desist, and 2) with the Referee's concurrence, remove, or have removed, from the vicinity of the competition, anyone who a) behaves in an unsafe manner, b) uses profane or abusive language, or c) commits actions that disrupt the orderly conduct of the meet.
  • Announcer - The announcer works closely with the referee to keep the swim meet moving in a timely manner. The announcer attends training provided by the league to stay on script.
  • Runners - Take time sheets and DQ slips from referee, chief judge, or chief timer and submit to table workers.
  • Sales - These are volunteer parents that assist the sales manager with concessions and food management. Only at home meets. 
  • Traffic safety - A volunteer position prior to the swim meet to monitor the parking lot and crosswalk. The traffic safety monitor will place out caution signs at the crosswalks. At the start of the meet, the traffic safety volunteer will no longer be needed. Only at home meets.

Table workers:

  • Data Entry - (1 per team) Electronically record the appropriate information from the time cards and any attached disqualifications slips for each swimmer, generates award backing labels and produces the OFFICIAL Results Report of the meet. This position is assigned prior to the start of the season and shall assist during the week to set up the A meet line-up with the coach.
  • Place Recorder - The PR, who is from the Visiting Team, ensures that 6 time cards per event are received from the timers, including blank cards for lanes with no swimmers, and that the times are legible. Also, the PR ensures that any changes from the Scratch-Substitution Forms match the changes on the cards and vice versa.
  • Assistant Place Recorder - The Asst. PR, who is from the Home Team, first checks the work of the Place Recorder, and ensures that all the cards are from the same event. Is also considered the Table Chief at home meets and responsible for setting up the table area and provides the "Table Box" of supplies.
  • Verifier - (usually 1 per team - may be an Award Clerk or some other Table Worker if there is a shortage of personnel) Receive a copy of the printed results after every one or two events and check that swimmers’ names, times [if not disqualified], places or disqualification status and teams are correct according to what is on the time cards and attached DQ slips. Also notes any new League and Team records on the printed Verification sheet for the Announcer’s use. Not used during B meets.
  • Awards Clerk - (usually 1 per team) Select the appropriate ribbons, plaques, etc. and attach the correct labels. One Clerk from each team is sufficient to prepare awards at team meets, where ribbons are given to all six places in individual events and in relay events only to the winning team.
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